Church Web Design and Development

Churches have very specific audiences. With such specific audiences it is easier to plan and develop common parts. Some of these to help you plan will be:

A Homepage:

Your homepage should be a brief overview of the rest of the pages, to provide your visitors a quick and easy route to get where they were going. You also want to have enough information available to show them info that they may not have known was available at your church.

Your Beliefs:

You always want to give your beliefs and mission on your website. Putting these out front on your website will allow anyone to know what they are supporting and also very easily could educate long time members about your values that they may have not known of.

Contact Information:

The most obvious piece of information is how to get in touch with you, however, that information is rarely complete on a small organizations. Some bits you will need to prepare for the website is:

Contact Name Address Phone Number(s) E-mail addresses Google Maps Google Maps with directions Social Networking Sites to interact with you: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, FourSquare, etc... Schedule of


It is always good to have events and what is going on at the church. Each of your target audiences look at your website with a different point of view, and being able to show each target audience what is available for them is one of the easiest ways to connect with them. It also keeps your current members and attendees current with what they can get involved with.

Staff Information:

Staff Information and bios are always good to help relate to your target audience also. It shows the credentials of your staff as well as the down to earth people they are. It also allows the staff member to create a good first impression. Audio/Video Sermons: Online sermons are based solely your technical abilities and hardware capabilities of capturing the recordings. With that said, it is very valuable to your members or attendees that are not able to make the service for whatever reason, as well as shut-ins, people who have moved out of town, and many other reasons. Online sermons also give potential visitors a preview of what they can expect at a typical service.

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