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Gmail tops my list of favorite things!

As my initial blog post here on my "favorite things" blog what better to talk about than some of the things I use the most...  APPS!  from my perspective there is an app for that which I want to do.  I have never been in the situation where I needed an app to do something, searched for it and didn't find one.  In most cases, I find the app and realize I really needed it.  As much as I would enjoy to express my love for these apps more, I will just get started.  I will most likely break this up into the following posts: 
Series 1, Productivity Apps 
Series 2, Life apps 
Series 3, Games (last but not least :) 
One more addition that I have to throw in here is that I am not a writer,  or an editor, or an A student in grammar, so I will apologize right up front about that. Another thing I will apologize for up front is my bias for Android.  I will do my best at being partial as well as present the them equally. My wife has an iPhone, and regularly loves that I am installing "Google" apps on her iPhone, but mainly its to check the functionality out and see what we are missing on Android.  #EndDisclaimer 


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My number 1 most used app has got to be Gmail.  It is available on Android and iOS and Google has made a valiant effort to bring a consistent experience between the two platforms. If you have used Gmail for a while as an app or on the web, you know how far it has come in just this year in 2013.  
Here are the things I love about it: 
The new Priority Inbox.  I normally get roughly 250 emails a day, 80% of them are ones I really want to have coming to my email, whether its Amazon local, Groupon, Tom's Hardware, Church Crunch, etc.. but honestly, I didn't want them bothering me on my mobile devices. The new Priority Inbox is an absolute life changer. It will still deliver the mail when you open the app it labels it intelligently into Primary, promotions, updates and forums and it will only alert you for the emails in the primary box. and on the web interface you are able to adjust what goes where if you see a problem with the automatic filtering done by Gmail.   

The second function that makes Gmail amazing in my book it the filters which is a foundational/basic function of Gmail, where you can use it as folders/tags/organization.  Gmail filters can be anything you decide, for example I have an "accounts" filter that i tag any new accounts I sign up for whether its another Google account or an app like flipboard or evernote.  I always know which filter/folder to go to when i am looking for my username for an account I don't normally sign into.  The possibilities are endless basically to the point of your organizational skills. One more thing that I left off is that you can add different filters to one email, sometimes I have a client that I have a folder for them which I add a "todo" filter and filter for the client specifically. 

All of that said, if you have emails regarding "Coffee" and you don't want to use a filter for coffee you can just use the search function and search for coffee and everything you have that has the word coffee in the email will come up. 

To learn more in depth info about Gmail here are some quick links for topics I frequent: 
Gmail Shortcuts 
Gmail search commands 
Gmail filters 
Gmail priority inbox 

Thanks for checking out my first post, it seems that a Gmail app post is kind of pointless, but it really is where I get most of my work done, and it is the single app that would slow my productivity down to a crawl if I were to lose it.  

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