(written in 2008.. currently writing an update)

I will try to make it quick, but God is good, as I look back over the last 28 years of my life, I can see God’s hand guiding me the whole way. It is a lot like the footprints poem. I thought I was alone, I thought I was out there all by myself fighting for what was right, when God was carrying me the whole time.

Just in the past 10 years, I was not going to go to Mount Vernon Nazarene College (University now). I just wasn't going there, no particular reason, other than my dad went there, and my sister was currently attending there. Well I spent the summer looking more colleges to attend, and sure enough at the end of the summer God had told me I was going. Turns out I met my wife there on the day after we moved in.

Fast forward a little bit, I wasn't going in the military, well God sent a very persistent recruiter, who just happened to be a minister at a local church himself, as well as the leader of the Prison ministry in Ohio as well. I ran from him and even went to the extreme to get a new job in a new town to get away. Sure enough I get a call in the middle of the work day that he was there to talk with me. Well, he told me why I should go, and I went. I knew that God was controlling him, and I knew deep down that God had a plan for me and I was doing my best to resist it!

A little bit down the road, my wife and I had planned on having kids and starting our family about 5 years later. God had other plans. Shortly after our one year anniversary we found out we were going to have a new baby boy. About 18 months into his life, I was deployed, we were living in England, and He very well could have been the only thing to keep my wife from insanity through the next few months. It was like she still had a little piece of me with her along the way.

This story comes right up to August of 2007, where we were living in New Mexico, looking for jobs in Texas, more specifically the Houston. I have always wanted to live in that area of the country where everything is just plain bigger. God had his plans still. I was out mowing one evening listening to Brian Houston of Hillsong church in Australia. He was talking about your priorities here on earth, and I let go of the mower and walked inside. I have to preclude this next sentence by saying that Ohio was the last place on earth that we wanted to go back to! But I walked up to the door, looked in at my wife and said we have to move to Wooster. All she could say was, OK. From then on, we could watch what we had ruined slowly get fixed, we could see God back here setting things up for us. To include getting us a brand new home, what we thought was the best job in the world and the best church family ever!

Reger Family Photo in Disney World

What I did not discuss here is every time when I finally stopped denying God’s will for my life, my life would turn around 180 degrees. I would go downhill for a very long time, and then come to the realization of what was happening.

All of this is why my business is called romansTwelve.

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