Aerial Gallery

Showcasing some of our favorite photos for a wide variety of clients. 


We offer many services for your commercial properties to include near real-time data of parking lot conditions, roof conditions, flooding or water damage. 3D mapping the property or roof for insurance processing. Highlighting your investments by taking memorable bird’s-eye views and beautiful high definition video of your entire operation.  Last but not least mapping the property to illustrate new marketing practices to nearby roadways. 


These may be our favorite taking the opportunity to capture the absolute beauty of your area. If you have a special event, wedding, civic events even stock footage for your stakeholder presentation or marketing.  Let’s face it, today’s internet is visual and you will see beautiful high-quality aerials everywhere.  Let us help you capture the beauty in your area or your special event! 


Job site documentation is essential for an accurate visual timeline.  Documentation helps share the state of your progress with stakeholders to monitor changes and provide the ability to dispute claims in the future.  What better way to bring your project back into the office for the entire team!


This category is very wide from Real Estate photography and cinematography for listings. Insurance claims, documentation, and underwriting.  Roofing inspections and mapping with drones have started to save lives and injuries by not having to take the unnecessary risk of climbing.  Documenting the state of the full property is priceless when you need the information later! 


Drones in Agriculture are a huge help when it comes to mapping your fields, crop analysis, and inspection. From what we’ve seen drones provide greater resolution than any satellite or airplane, and can be flown more precisely.  Drones will also monitor livestock and their movements to identify any issues with the pasture.